Month: August 2018

Harley Rouda Interview – Democratic Nominee for California’s 48th Congressional District

Harley Rouda talks with Justin about his campaign in California’s 48th Congressional District. Rouda talks about challenging Dana Rohrabacher, the incumbent who Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy once “joked” was on Vladimir Putin’s payroll. Rouda also discusses his background as a lawyer and successful businessman, and how he’s brought the local Democratic party back together after a hard fought primary that featured 8 Democratic candidates. Finally, Harley talks about his heroes, his love of The Who, if he actually owns a Harley, and what song he’ll walk out to when he wins California’s 48th.

Andrew Janz Interview – Democratic Nominee for Congress in California’s 22nd District

Andrew Janz joins the Just In News podcast to talk about challenging Devin Nunes. Andrew talks about why Nunes won’t face him in a debate and hasn’t held a townhall discussion since 2010. The violent crimes prosecutor also talks about agriculture, the environment, tariffs, and other issues facing California’s 22nd District. In the rapid fire round, Andrew reveals his favorite movies, music, and his desire to have Taylor Swift singing in the background as he declares victory over Nunes in November.

Jennifer Lewis Interview – Democratic Nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 6th District

Justin talks with Jennifer Lewis, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 6th district. Jennifer talks about her recent endorsement from Bobby Goodlatte, the son of Bob Goodlatte — the retiring Republican congressman who currently holds the seat. Jennifer also talks about her grassroots campaign, progressive platform, and her own struggles for affordable healthcare and making a living wage. Finally, Jennifer asks the audience to help her choose a victory speech walkout song and plays trivia.

Andrew Gillum Interview – Tallahassee Mayor and Candidate for Florida Governor

Andrew Gillum, Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Governor, talks with Justin about how he wants to bring universal healthcare, common sense gun laws, and the best scientists to address environmental impacts of climate change to the sunshine state. Andrew also discusses his legal victory over the National Rifle Association, raising money from the most conservative voting community in the country, and of course, where the after party will be when he becomes governor.

Lisa Ring Interview – Democratic Nominee in Georgia’s 1st Congressional District

Justin talks with Democrat Lisa Ring. Lisa is running for the House of Representatives in Georgia’s 1st congressional district. Lisa discusses her grassroots campaign and what it’s like to run as a strong progressive in a heavily Republican district. She talks about how she confronts issues like a living wage, healthcare for all, and the environment. And finally, Lisa gets quizzed on the legendary Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade.

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