No Seat At The Table

Most of today, during the hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, I tweeted jokes. I tweeted about how Brett Kavanaugh really, really likes beer, because you know, he said it like 14 times. I tweeted about how Lindsey Graham was in no condition to drive home since he sounded like an angry dad threatening to take the belt out on his kids if they disrespected him ‘one more goddamned time, goddammit.’

But as I kept hearing Republican after Republican, old white guy after old white guy, apologize to Brett Kavanaugh for what he’s suffered over for the past 10 days, I kept getting sicker and sicker. “What fucking bullshit!” I said to myself.

Seriously, white guys have run this country for the past 230 years and at one moment on a lunch break they’re on TV saying Dr. Ford was a compelling witness who sounded credible. Then, a couple hours later, they’re up Kavanaugh’s ass talking about how bad they feel for the 10 days of scrutiny for a crime it sure as hell seems plausible he committed while waiting to get voted on for the highest court in the land. They muddy the political waters and claim it’s 85-year-old Diane Feinstein who’s playing politics with the late release of these claims. Even though they don’t ask a damn thing about any of the vivid and legitimate allegations they just heard from Dr. Ford. They decided to ignore precedent — something Kavanaugh claims to hold in the highest regard — to hold an FBI investigation.

As CNN commentator and lawyer Jeffrey Toobin put it, they either don’t believe Dr. Ford, or they simply don’t care.

Hot take: They don’t care.

The same white male privilege Brett Kavanaugh experienced as a 16-year-old Georgetown Prep student was on full display Thursday with 11 old white male Republican Senators on the House Judiciary Committee.

When Lindsey Graham threatened fire and fury at his Republican colleagues if they voted against Kavanaugh — a threat made in total cowardice to preserve his own political fate by currying the favor of Donald Trump — a certain anger overwhelmed me. It reminded me of when I was young and told I had to sit at the kids table. The phrase that came to mind: ‘Children should be seen and not heard.’ And get this, when I looked the phrase up, I found that it actually originates from the 15th Century and specifically refers to “young women who were expected to be quiet.” That’s some cray cray shit, right?! But not really.

In fairness to Brett Kavanaugh and the 11 old white men on the Republican Judiciary Committee, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what others are going through who don’t look or act like us. I myself am not gay. I’m not black. I’m not a woman. And yet I’ve had, and have, my own blind spots.

But what hit me today was a feeling I imagine women and minorities feel all the time. It was a feeling that, no matter how valid your point is, no matter how credible your claim of injustice is, no matter how authentic you are, it doesn’t fucking matter. You get lip service at best. It’s all a disingenuous circle jerk that’s been happening at all levels of our government, from the Supreme Court to the local cops, for centuries.

If you’re not in the club, in reality, you don’t have a seat at the table. At least not at the adult table.