Month: January 2019

GQ’s Jay Willis on government shutdown and how Trump books hurt your brain

GQ staff writer and lawyer Jay Willis talks about the human and political impacts of the longest government shutdown in our nation’s history. Jay also discusses how he’s thinking about the 2020 Democrats running for president in 2020. Finally, Justin asks him who his favorite TV lawyer is.

After the Party It’s the Trump Hotel Lobby

Justin’s guest this week … himself! Justin dives into corruption at the Trump Hotel DC. From the T-Mobile CEO to Saudi lobbyists, the Old Post Office has become the nicest den of deceit in DC. Also, Justin hits on the latest in the government shutdown, Rudy Giuliani’s lack of blinking and the Buzzfeed News story about Trump telling Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a Trump Tower Moscow deal.

2019 Political Predictions with Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum

Justin talks 2019 political predictions with Democratic Strategist, Bob Shrum. Shrum has served for Joe Biden, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and many other really important people. Bob predicts what will happen with the Trump-Russia investigation, which Democrats will run for president in 2020, what will happen with the economy, and of course, who will win the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Justin rants about Donald Trump’s national TV address and Jake presents new 2019 fake sponsors.

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