Month: February 2019

Sex, Drugs, and Racism: Comedian Noel Casler talks about working with Donald Trump

Comedian Noel Casler talks with Justin about working with Donald Trump on The Apprentice. Noel talks about Trump’s constant drug use, sexual things he’d say and do with contestants and models, racial slurs and more really positive things about the President of the United States. He also talks about Don Jr., Jared, Ivanka and making tweets about climate change the Commander-in-chief can understand.

Writer and Activist Corey Hill on Climate Change, 2020 Candidates, and Chumbawamba

Writer and Human Rights Activist Corey Hill covers a wide range of topics. Corey discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ proposal of a Green New Deal. He also talks about who he likes among the declared 2020 democrats running for president, how we perceive international humanitarian situations in countries we can’t find on a map, and most importantly, the band Chumbawamba.

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