Month: March 2019

CO Rep. Emily Sirota on the National Popular Vote

Justin talks with Emily Sirota, Colorado State Representative for House District 9. Emily discusses co-sponsoring Colorado’s bill for a National Popular Vote and the growing momentum to have every person’s vote actually matter. Emily also tells Justin why she’s endorsing Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. And Justin opens the show by discussing the connection between the college admissions scandal, Paul Manafort, prisoner education and “being true to your preschool”.

America’s Broken Food Industry with Austin Frerick

Open Markets’ Austin Frerick talks with Justin about our broken food system. Austin sheds light on his recent piece in The American Conservative about monopolies in the farm industry. The former Treasury Department official also talks about his run for congress in his home state of Iowa and what it was like to getting paid in cookie dough and chilling in foam beer chairs.

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