Month: May 2019

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon from Resurrecting Lives Foundation

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon from the Resurrecting Lives Foundation talks with Justin about her organization’s efforts to treat military vets with traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Gordon talks about how Hollywood has helped motivate her work and how the VA Mission Act of 2018 is the most important legislation she’s seen pass since her time working on TBI. Finally, and most importantly, Justin encourages Dr. Gordon to take over for Dr. Sanjay Gupta when he retires from CNN.

Tabitha Isner on Alabama’s Extreme Anti-Abortion Law

Justin talks with Tabitha Isner on Alabama’s extreme anti-abortion law. The former congressional candidate gives her unique perspective on the law both as a woman and politician in Alabama, as well as a Christian minister. Tabitha also talks about the controversy over Emily’s List raising money from the law despite their lack of support of female politicians in Alabama. Finally, she briefly discusses her run to be the Chair of Alabama’s Democratic party.

2020: Presidential Candidate John Delaney on Bipartisanship and Kicking Trump’s Ass

Justin talks with 2020 Presidential Candidate and former Maryland Congressman, John Delaney. John talks about why he’s running as a moderate, healthcare, and his signature initiative, the Heartland Fair Deal (and whether he took any cues from the Green New Deal and/or Donald Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”). Justin also tries to leverage the interview to receive free merch from the store, and John makes the claim he’s the best candidate to “kick Trump’s ass”.

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