Get Your ‘Ridin’ with Biden’ Tramp Stamps + Capitalism Meets Coronavirus for Free Breadsticks

Justin recaps the second not-so-Super Tuesday for Bernie Sanders and talks about how Democrats must be Biden-or-bust to beat Stalin’s fluffer. He also discusses capitalism and the coronavirus with Just In News Executive Producer Corey Hill. Corey talks about how the Olive Garden doesn’t give its employees paid sick leave and how free breadsticks could be the conduit to for more Americans contracting the coronavirus.

Super Tuesday Wrap-Up: Concerns about Joementum

Justin wraps up Super Tuesday by talking about Joe Biden’s big wins, concerns about Biden being the nominee and what the fuck Tulsi Gabbard is doing. Justin also talks with Just In News Executive Producer Corey Hill about Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren dropping out and what their endorsements may mean for both Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Comedian Kate Willett on Being a Bernie Bro and Doing Stand-Up at a Sex Convention

Comedian Kate Willett joins the Just In News podcast to talk about her support for Bernie Sanders, why Mike Bloomberg sucks and doing comedy at a BDSM convention. Kate also talks about what democratic socialism actually means and her admiration for fellow comedian Maria Bamford.

2020: Interview with U.S. Senate Candidate Trish Zornio

Justin talks with U.S. Senate candidate from Colorado, Trish Zornio. If she wins, Trish would be the first scientist and first female ever elected to the U.S. Senate from Colorado. Trish is running to unseat Republican and part-time Trump masseur, Cory Gardner. She talks about the 5-year plan that got her to this point, visiting all 64 Colorado counties twice, dealing with Republican trolls, and her love for music and Sara Bareilles.

  • 0-7 minutes: Why Trish decided to run and bring her science background to politics
  • 7-11 minutes: Trish talks about the power of special interests and why deregulation has caused so many problems
  • 11-20 minutes: Her 5-year-plan to run for U.S. Senate
  • 20-25 minutes: The hardcore trolling from the GOP
  • 25-30 minutes: The complicated Caucus/Primary process
  • 35 minutes-end: Trish sings! And talks about the value of arts education in her life, along with some of other stuff

2020: Interview with Mayor Andrew Gillum on the Democratic Primary, Registering Voters, and Advice for 1998 Andrew Gillum

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum returns to the the Just In News Podcast for the first time since his historic run for Florida governor in 2018. Mayor Gillum talks with Justin about what it will take to flip Florida blue in November and his efforts with Forward Florida Action to register and engage 1 million voters throughout the state. In a wide-ranging discussion, Mayor Gillum also talks about the unhealthiness of the campaign trail, how to get people to care about politics who never have, what advice he’d give to 1998 Andrew Gillum, his go-to karaoke song, the purpose of Black History Month, who will claim victory in the Iowa Caucus, his prediction of a possible floor fight at the Democratic convention in July, and more. Here are some of the show highlights:

  • Around 0 – 5 mins: Opening, shout-outs, shameless self-promotion
  • Around 5 – 11 mins: Mayor Gillum on Chris Cuomo’s workout routine and the unhealthiness of running for office
  • Around 11 – 24 mins: Why Republicans don’t want to get out the vote, how get people to care about politics who never have, and what Forward Florida is doing to flip Florida blue in November
  • Around 24 – 28 mins: Mayor Gillum on Black History Month. What does it mean today, and what does Mayor Gillum say to those who acknowledge our shameful history of slavery, segregation and discrimination but want to simply move on from it.
  • Around 28 -37 mins (the end): Justin’s super lazy questions he wrote in 5 minutes: What advice 2020 Andrew Gillum would give 1998 Andrew Gillum? Who will win the Super Bowl, San Francisco or Kansas City? Who will win the Iowa Caucus? How will the Democratic Primary unfold? What is Mayor Gillum’s go-to karaoke song?

2020: Interview with Former Iowa Congressional Candidate Austin Frerick on what will go down at the Iowa Caucus

Justin talks with former Iowa congressional candidate Austin Frerick. Austin gives his prediction as to what will happen at the Iowa Caucus, how the whole thing works, whether food fights happen in the gym where these events are held, and his current work as Deputy Director of the Thurmond Arnold Project at Yale University. We also discuss Austin’s love for gas station pizza and the likelihood he’ll run for office again (he should).

2020: Interview with Texas Congressional Candidates Kim Olson and Donna Imam

Justin talks with Texas congressional candidates Donna Imam and Kim Olson about their campaigns, barbecue, beer, and what it will take to turn Texas blue. In the first half of this episode, Justin talks with Donna about her background as an engineer and how that informs how she takes on issues like healthcare and gerrymandering in Texas’ 31st congressional district encompassing part of Austin and the surrounding area. In the second half, Justin talks with Kim about her background as a fighter pilot in Iraq, what it was like to film a viral commercial requiring her to walk and talk to a camera for two minutes straight, and why authenticity rules when connecting with voters. Kim also discusses the issues on the minds of voters in Texas’ 24th congressional district which encompasses the burbs of Dallas.

2020: Interview with U.S. Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff

Justin talks with U.S. Senate candidate from Georgia, Jon Ossoff. Jon talks about exposing corruption as an investigative journalist, as well as what it was like to be mean-tweeted by President Trump during his run for the U.S House in 2017. Jon also discusses the issues he’s fight for in Georgia and how his potential Republican opponent is selling access, including $35,000 photo ops. Finally, Jon opens up about his hair product, his love for the 90’s TV show, “Doug”, and how he likes to belt out a certain Mariah Carey song during karaoke.

Musician Mike Stocksdale on writing political songs and his musical man crushes

Justin talks to musician Mike Stocksdale about his political side project, $idequest. Mike also talks about his upcoming show at the Troubadour in LA, his love for lowly open mics, why he doesn’t have a tattoo and who his musical man crushes are.

Musician Ben Folds on politics, his new book, and George Carlin

Justin talks with musician Ben Folds about the intersection of politics and art. Ben talks about his new podcast and interviewing presidential candidates, what it was like to write “A Dream about Lightning Bugs: A Life of Music and Cheap Lessons”, and the brilliance of George Carlin.

HeadCount Executive Director Andy Bernstein on Registering Voters in 2020 and Phish Concerts

Justin talks with HeadCount Executive Director Andy Bernstein about the intersection of music and politics. He asks Andy what it’s like getting people to vote at concerts and festivals as opposed to Target parking lots. Andy also talks about Headcount’s efforts to get popular Republican musicians involved and what was his favorite Phish concert to document. Justin also opens the episode with 3 his major takeaways from the past two week’s of impeachment hearings (pre-Fiona Hill and David Holmes).

“I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson” Actress Melody Peng on 5 Buck Chuck, Nelly, and the Hotness of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey

Actress Melody Peng talks with Justin about her role in the Netflix show “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson”. Melody discusses her transition from the corporate world to the acting world and why it’s vital to have a business plan and mindset. She also discusses her love for college football, 5 Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s and why Nelly is a musical genius.

State of the Stat: 185 Republicans Vote to Censure Congressman Adam Schiff for Doing His Job

State of the Stat Correspondent Corey Hill talks with Justin about why 185 Republicans decided to censure Democrat Adam Schiff for doing his job. Corey also talks about his recent article in The Independent where he lays out why Donald Trump could very well lose the 2020 election but refuse to step down.

2020: Interview with Congressional Candidate Donna Imam

Justin talks with congressional candidate Donna Imam from Texas’ 31st district. Donna talks to Justin about her ambitious plans to provide healthcare and education for all, how she’ll combat gun violence, the best barbecue spots in Austin, being a college DJ and her beloved Toyota Tercel. Justin also makes his case for why an impeachment investigation is necessary based solely on the most simple Google search. Finally, Minna makes a water-chugging cameo.

Musician Ben Folds on the Presidential Candidates, George Carlin, the Arts, and His New Book

Justin talks with Musician Ben Folds about his new book, A Dream About Lightning Bugs: A Life of Music and Cheap Lessons. Ben talks about one of the most absurd jobs he had delivering wine, his love of George Carlin, why he started a podcast interviewing presidential candidates, and whether there will be a Ben Folds Five Reunion in the near future.

Comedian and Writer Brock Wilbur on Democrats Eating Each Other Alive, and His Adorable Cats

Justin talks with comedian and writer Brock Wilbur. Brock discusses which Democrats he likes most running for POTUS and the disconnect between the red states and blue states. He also talks about getting mistaken for Wilbur Ross on Twitter and how one of his cats hates him.

2020: Interview with U.S. Senate Candidate Mayor Ted Terry

Mayor Ted Terry of Clarkston, Georgia talks with Justin about why he’s running for U.S. Senate. Mayor Ted discusses how he was able to defeat an incumbent 40 years older than him and pass a progressive agenda that includes decriminalizing marijuana, making election day a holiday, raising minimum wage to $15 and more … in Georgia. Most importantly, Mayor Ted also talks about his week-long experience as a guest on “Queer Eye”.

State of the Stat: Gerrymandering, the Electoral College, Voting, and 12 Million People

Justin talks with State of the Stat Correspondent Corey Hill about gerrymandering. Corey talks about how and why 12 million more people voted for democrats in the 2018 midterm elections, yet Republicans still picked up Senate seats. More important than assuring citizens can participate in the most fundamental aspect of democracy, Corey plugs cheap beer prices and bottomless chip deals at various Florida bars.

2020: Interview with U.S. Senate Candidate Josh Mahony

Justin talks with U.S. Senate Candidate Josh Mahony from Arkansas. Josh is challenging Senator Tom Cotton — the same Tom Cotton who has supported Trump’s tariffs, who’s said he wants to gut the Affordable Care Act, and is more disliked than Ted Cruz in his home state. That’s right, Ted F’ing Cruz.

2020: Congressional Candidate Kim Olson Interview

Former military pilot and Retired Colonel Kim Olson talks with Justin about why she’s running for Congress in Texas’ 24th district. She discusses what “fixing” Congress looks like, why her military background is needed, and the making of her viral campaign announcement video. Most importantly, she gives Justin recommendations for a really good Texas beer joint.

State of the Stat: 12 Million People (or Some Absurd Number) Believe in Reptoids

*Please disregard the moments of silence in the beginning and middle. There were some technical issues/fatigue during editing.

Justin and Corey discuss reptoids in this week’s State of the Stat. Corey delves into conspiracy theories — why people believe them, the difference between a conspiracy theory and a theory, and what percentage of Trump voters believe every word coming out of Alex Jones’ mouth. Grab your mushrooms folks … this one gets weird.

2020: Democratic Debate Wrap-Up … Winners, Losers, and Phone Calls to New Zealand

Justin wraps up the first Democratic debates. Like any good podcast pundit, he picks winners, losers, a candidate he’d most like to smoke pot with, and a profound reverence for Cory Booker’s chiseled jawline. He also plugs his previous interview while taking more than partial credit for John Delaney’s notable performance in the first debate. #KeepItHumble

State of the Stat: Elizabeth Warren’s Two Cents

Justin talks with writer and activist, Corey Hill, in a new segment called “State of the Stat”. In the 20-ish minute podcast, Corey talks about Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax which would tax the top 75,000 families two cents on every dollar to help cover healthcare, student loans, and some other really important things. Singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks also gets referenced a couple times.

Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur on the Meatless Movement and his VW bus

Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur talks with Justin about his role as a long-time animal rights activist and the excitement of plant-based meats going mainstream. He also shares how Farm Sanctuary got its start from the early days of driving around in a VW Bus selling veggie hot dogs at Grateful Dead concerts (aka livin’ the dream).

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon from Resurrecting Lives Foundation

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon from the Resurrecting Lives Foundation talks with Justin about her organization’s efforts to treat military vets with traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Gordon talks about how Hollywood has helped motivate her work and how the VA Mission Act of 2018 is the most important legislation she’s seen pass since her time working on TBI. Finally, and most importantly, Justin encourages Dr. Gordon to take over for Dr. Sanjay Gupta when he retires from CNN.

Tabitha Isner on Alabama’s Extreme Anti-Abortion Law

Justin talks with Tabitha Isner on Alabama’s extreme anti-abortion law. The former congressional candidate gives her unique perspective on the law both as a woman and politician in Alabama, as well as a Christian minister. Tabitha also talks about the controversy over Emily’s List raising money from the law despite their lack of support of female politicians in Alabama. Finally, she briefly discusses her run to be the Chair of Alabama’s Democratic party.

2020: Presidential Candidate John Delaney on Bipartisanship and Kicking Trump’s Ass

Justin talks with 2020 Presidential Candidate and former Maryland Congressman, John Delaney. John talks about why he’s running as a moderate, healthcare, and his signature initiative, the Heartland Fair Deal (and whether he took any cues from the Green New Deal and/or Donald Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”). Justin also tries to leverage the interview to receive free merch from the store, and John makes the claim he’s the best candidate to “kick Trump’s ass”.

GQ’s Jay Willis on the Mueller Report, the 2020 Census, and the Seattle Seahawks

GQ’s Jay Willis talks with Justin about the biggest takeaways from the Mueller Report. He also ranks Trump’s AG’s, from the big dick toilet guy to the racist horse jockey to Trump’s personal masseuse/therapist. Jay tells us who his beloved Seahawks will be taking in the first round of the NFL Draft, and Jake The Snake also features new fake sponsors.

2-Time Supreme Court Winner Fane Lozman Interview + Bob Barr’s 4-page op-ed

Justin talks with two-time Supreme Court winner Fane Lozman. The civic gadfly (great word) talks about fighting to save his floating home and funny stories about the corrupt leaders in his town of Riviera Beach, FL. This includes a mayor trying to pass a rule against saggy pants and a city councilwoman who said she wanted to stick her foot so far up his ass she’d strike internal organs. Justin also talks about the release of Bob Barr’s 4-page op-ed on the Mueller Report.

CO Rep. Emily Sirota on the National Popular Vote

Justin talks with Emily Sirota, Colorado State Representative for House District 9. Emily discusses co-sponsoring Colorado’s bill for a National Popular Vote and the growing momentum to have every person’s vote actually matter. Emily also tells Justin why she’s endorsing Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. And Justin opens the show by discussing the connection between the college admissions scandal, Paul Manafort, prisoner education and “being true to your preschool”.

America’s Broken Food Industry with Austin Frerick

Open Markets’ Austin Frerick talks with Justin about our broken food system. Austin sheds light on his recent piece in The American Conservative about monopolies in the farm industry. The former Treasury Department official also talks about his run for congress in his home state of Iowa and what it was like to getting paid in cookie dough and chilling in foam beer chairs.

Sex, Drugs, and Racism: Comedian Noel Casler talks about working with Donald Trump

Comedian Noel Casler talks with Justin about working with Donald Trump on The Apprentice. Noel talks about Trump’s constant drug use, sexual things he’d say and do with contestants and models, racial slurs and more really positive things about the President of the United States. He also talks about Don Jr., Jared, Ivanka and making tweets about climate change the Commander-in-chief can understand.

Writer and Activist Corey Hill on Climate Change, 2020 Candidates, and Chumbawamba

Writer and Human Rights Activist Corey Hill covers a wide range of topics. Corey discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ proposal of a Green New Deal. He also talks about who he likes among the declared 2020 democrats running for president, how we perceive international humanitarian situations in countries we can’t find on a map, and most importantly, the band Chumbawamba.

GQ’s Jay Willis on government shutdown and how Trump books hurt your brain

GQ staff writer and lawyer Jay Willis talks about the human and political impacts of the longest government shutdown in our nation’s history. Jay also discusses how he’s thinking about the 2020 Democrats running for president in 2020. Finally, Justin asks him who his favorite TV lawyer is.

After the Party It’s the Trump Hotel Lobby

Justin’s guest this week … himself! Justin dives into corruption at the Trump Hotel DC. From the T-Mobile CEO to Saudi lobbyists, the Old Post Office has become the nicest den of deceit in DC. Also, Justin hits on the latest in the government shutdown, Rudy Giuliani’s lack of blinking and the Buzzfeed News story about Trump telling Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a Trump Tower Moscow deal.

2019 Political Predictions with Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum

Justin talks 2019 political predictions with Democratic Strategist, Bob Shrum. Shrum has served for Joe Biden, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and many other really important people. Bob predicts what will happen with the Trump-Russia investigation, which Democrats will run for president in 2020, what will happen with the economy, and of course, who will win the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Justin rants about Donald Trump’s national TV address and Jake presents new 2019 fake sponsors.

Jesse Colvin Interview – Democratic Nominee in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District

Justin talks with Jesse Colvin, the Democratic nominee in Maryland’s 1st congressional district. Jesse is a former Army Ranger in Afghanistan who graduated from both Duke University and Columbia University. Jesse talks about the leaderships skills he developed in the military, the economic impact of oysters, and the Republican support he’s gained from Bush Administration officials (as well as his wife). Finally, Justin urges Jesse to take out the damn trash.

Deb Haaland Interview – Democratic Nominee for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District

Justin talks with the Democratic nominee from New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District, Deb Halland. If she wins, Halland will be the first Native American woman in Congress. Haaland talks about the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice. She discusses her background as an organizer and advocate, marathon running, the need to invest in public education and of course, what her walk-out song will be win she wins.

No Seat At The Table

Most of today, during the hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, I tweeted jokes. I tweeted about how Brett Kavanaugh really, really likes beer, because you know, he said it like 14 times. I tweeted about how Lindsey Graham was in no condition to drive home since he sounded like an angry dad threatening to take the belt out on his kids if they disrespected him ‘one more goddamned time, goddammit.’

But as I kept hearing Republican after Republican, old white guy after old white guy, apologize to Brett Kavanaugh for what he’s suffered over for the past 10 days, I kept getting sicker and sicker. “What fucking bullshit!” I said to myself.

Seriously, white guys have run this country for the past 230 years and at one moment on a lunch break they’re on TV saying Dr. Ford was a compelling witness who sounded credible. Then, a couple hours later, they’re up Kavanaugh’s ass talking about how bad they feel for the 10 days of scrutiny for a crime it sure as hell seems plausible he committed while waiting to get voted on for the highest court in the land. They muddy the political waters and claim it’s 85-year-old Diane Feinstein who’s playing politics with the late release of these claims. Even though they don’t ask a damn thing about any of the vivid and legitimate allegations they just heard from Dr. Ford. They decided to ignore precedent — something Kavanaugh claims to hold in the highest regard — to hold an FBI investigation.

As CNN commentator and lawyer Jeffrey Toobin put it, they either don’t believe Dr. Ford, or they simply don’t care.

Hot take: They don’t care.

The same white male privilege Brett Kavanaugh experienced as a 16-year-old Georgetown Prep student was on full display Thursday with 11 old white male Republican Senators on the House Judiciary Committee.

When Lindsey Graham threatened fire and fury at his Republican colleagues if they voted against Kavanaugh — a threat made in total cowardice to preserve his own political fate by currying the favor of Donald Trump — a certain anger overwhelmed me. It reminded me of when I was young and told I had to sit at the kids table. The phrase that came to mind: ‘Children should be seen and not heard.’ And get this, when I looked the phrase up, I found that it actually originates from the 15th Century and specifically refers to “young women who were expected to be quiet.” That’s some cray cray shit, right?! But not really.

In fairness to Brett Kavanaugh and the 11 old white men on the Republican Judiciary Committee, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what others are going through who don’t look or act like us. I myself am not gay. I’m not black. I’m not a woman. And yet I’ve had, and have, my own blind spots.

But what hit me today was a feeling I imagine women and minorities feel all the time. It was a feeling that, no matter how valid your point is, no matter how credible your claim of injustice is, no matter how authentic you are, it doesn’t fucking matter. You get lip service at best. It’s all a disingenuous circle jerk that’s been happening at all levels of our government, from the Supreme Court to the local cops, for centuries.

If you’re not in the club, in reality, you don’t have a seat at the table. At least not at the adult table.

Harley Rouda Interview – Democratic Nominee for California’s 48th Congressional District

Harley Rouda talks with Justin about his campaign in California’s 48th Congressional District. Rouda talks about challenging Dana Rohrabacher, the incumbent who Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy once “joked” was on Vladimir Putin’s payroll. Rouda also discusses his background as a lawyer and successful businessman, and how he’s brought the local Democratic party back together after a hard fought primary that featured 8 Democratic candidates. Finally, Harley talks about his heroes, his love of The Who, if he actually owns a Harley, and what song he’ll walk out to when he wins California’s 48th.

Andrew Janz Interview – Democratic Nominee for Congress in California’s 22nd District

Andrew Janz joins the Just In News podcast to talk about challenging Devin Nunes. Andrew talks about why Nunes won’t face him in a debate and hasn’t held a townhall discussion since 2010. The violent crimes prosecutor also talks about agriculture, the environment, tariffs, and other issues facing California’s 22nd District. In the rapid fire round, Andrew reveals his favorite movies, music, and his desire to have Taylor Swift singing in the background as he declares victory over Nunes in November.

Jennifer Lewis Interview – Democratic Nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 6th District

Justin talks with Jennifer Lewis, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 6th district. Jennifer talks about her recent endorsement from Bobby Goodlatte, the son of Bob Goodlatte — the retiring Republican congressman who currently holds the seat. Jennifer also talks about her grassroots campaign, progressive platform, and her own struggles for affordable healthcare and making a living wage. Finally, Jennifer asks the audience to help her choose a victory speech walkout song and plays trivia.

Andrew Gillum Interview – Tallahassee Mayor and Candidate for Florida Governor

Andrew Gillum, Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Governor, talks with Justin about how he wants to bring universal healthcare, common sense gun laws, and the best scientists to address environmental impacts of climate change to the sunshine state. Andrew also discusses his legal victory over the National Rifle Association, raising money from the most conservative voting community in the country, and of course, where the after party will be when he becomes governor.

Lisa Ring Interview – Democratic Nominee in Georgia’s 1st Congressional District

Justin talks with Democrat Lisa Ring. Lisa is running for the House of Representatives in Georgia’s 1st congressional district. Lisa discusses her grassroots campaign and what it’s like to run as a strong progressive in a heavily Republican district. She talks about how she confronts issues like a living wage, healthcare for all, and the environment. And finally, Lisa gets quizzed on the legendary Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade.

GQ’s Jay Willis on Trump-Russia, Judge Kavanaugh, and the Media

GQ’s Jay Wills talks with Justin about Michael Cohen’s opportunism, and why he’s throwing out evidence against his former boss, Donald Trump. The writer and occasional lawyer also provides his legal take on the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. Jay also discusses Trump’s attack on the media and the latest ban of CNN’s Kaitlan Collins during a Rose Garden press conference. Finally, Justin tries to stump Jay in a “Who’s Who” Trump-Russia scandal game.

Pam Keith Interview – Democrat for Florida’s 18th Congressional District

Justin talks with Florida Congressional Candidate, Pam Keith. Pam is a former U.S. Navy JAG (aka badass) in a tight race in Florida’s 18th Congressional District Democratic Primary. Pam talks about not pulling punches when it comes to Trump, her similarities to other popular Democrats like Beto O’Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the unique ways she’s connecting with voters. Justin and Pam also make a beer bet and talk music.

Comedian Kevin Bartini Interview – The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper

Justin talks with Comedian Kevin Bartini. Kevin has been the featured TV warmup comic on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, The Nightly Show, Match Game and others. Kevin talks about his subtle nod to Jon Stewart during his audition for The Daily Show, the time he performed for his hero Bruce Springsteen, what it’s like to be a comedian in the Trump era, why Roseanne’s racist Twitter rant is different from Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a feckless c-word, and more.

Jenny Wilson Interview – Democratic Nominee for Utah Senate

Justin talks with Utah Senatorial Candidate Jenny Wilson. Jenny is running to be the first female U.S. Senator from Utah against Mitt Romney. Jenny talks about her experience in local Utah politics. She also talks about policy issues, her favorite meat (sorry Mitt, hot dog is not on the menu), and how she’s the John Stockton of politics.

GQ’s Jay Willis Interview

GQ’s Jay Willis talks with Justin and Kirt about covering President Donald Trump. Jay gives his predictions for the midterm elections and possible impeachment in the Trump-Russia scandal. The staff writer and Harvard-trained lawyer also asks for a job on Trump’s legal team and describes the time he got his dad to wear a MAGA hat. Plus, Jay and Kirt play the first-ever game of “Whose Headline Is It Anyway?” where they try to match a headlines with media publications. Shit gets crazy.

Tabitha Isner Interview – Democratic Nominee for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District

Justin talks with Tabitha Isner. She’s a Democrat running for office in Alabama’s 2nd congressional district. Tabitha talks about her background as an ordained minister. She also discusses why young people from Alabama leave the state after college and her chances of winning a district which went for Roy Moore. Oh, and why the Yellowhammer State loves its little angry Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.