Corey Hill on Just In News COREY HILL

Title: Executive Producer

(Corey also does work for a literary mag that only publishes Taco Bell stories/poems called Taco Bell Quarterly and is referred to as the Titan of Trehalose.)

Background: Human rights activist, journalist, poet, screenwriter, lizard chaser.

Trump Tweet: Covfefe

Favorite Frozen Food: Pot Pies

Politician you’d most like to meet: Mitch McConnell because I have a few things to say

Go-to karaoke song: I just died in your arms tonight


Title: Real Fake Sponsor Director / Mogul / Tycoon

Background: Born into an iconic New Hampshire logging conglomerate, Snake worked long hours inside typing silly jokes and stories on his computer, while his siblings labored in the fields, painstakingly keeping the family business afloat. After being ostracized from the family for what his parents called an “unimaginable laziness,” Snake moved to DC and took a job mixing syrup for Snow Cone type treats at Capital Chill. After being fired for what his bosses called an “almost impossible amount of laziness,” Snake found his way to California, where Justin Cross found him on the Venice Boardwalk playing a game of beer pong against himself at 11:30 in the morning. Following a long examination, Justin determined Snake’s best bet was to continue to type silly nonsense into his computer.

Trump tweet that makes you shake your head the most: N/A (All of them, equally)

Favorite frozen food: Margaritas. Margaritas count as a food right? 

Politician you’d most like to meet: Jimmy Carter

Go-to karaoke song: Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang (Google it kids)


Title: Writer / Producer / Researcher

Background: University of Oregon class of 2019, B.A. in Advertising and Spanish. Currently working as a Film & Communications Liaison for the Silicon Valley San Mateo County Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

Trump tweet that makes you shake your head the most: Aw man, I definitely have quite a few of these but the worst was that one that got taken down by Nickelback for copyright infringement. It was intended to be a meme and it was a clip from the ’Photograph’ music video, but the photo was of Biden, his son and a Ukraine oil exec. He was trying to expose them obviously. As if he’s innocent… made me laugh out loud. That one or the one of his face photoshopped on Rocky Balboa’s body. 

Favorite frozen food: Delimex taquitos… absolutely fire. I could probably eat 20 of those in one sitting.

Politician you’d most like to meet: Most politicians annoy me, but I would love to meet RBG! She is such a badass.

Go-to karaoke song: Bohemian Rhapsody, such a classic.


Title: Sound Engineer / $IDEQUEST the rapper / Residential porn stache guy

Background: Mike Stocksdale was writing songs before he could even play three chords on a guitar. Incredibly prolific and with a unique ability to write lyrics both complex and relatable, young Stocksdale was on his way to musical greatness. But after a chance meeting with Justin Cross at Santa Monica’s dingiest daytime open mic, Mike cast aside his innate musicianship, songwriting skills, hopes, and let’s face it, dreams. He has instead has devoted his entire being to fading music in and out, editing dialogue, and trying his hardest to make a closet with a $50 mic sound like a professional recording studio.

Trump Tweet: I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.

Favorite frozen food: cookie dough

Politician you’d most like to meet: no thank you.

Go to Karaoke: Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen